Articles On East Devon Topics

This collection of articles covers a few things that are of interest but that can't be pigeon holed into the more general East Devon topics. They cover everything from regular and the more unusual events to famous residents, wildlife and history. The topics are as diverse as the people and landscape of this beautiful area.

Notable People

One of the most famous Devonshire seamen is Sir Walter Raleigh who was born in East Devon more than 400 years ago. This article gives a brief overview of his life and times.

The most famous son of Ottery St Mary is the poet and philosopher Samuel Taylor Coleridge who wrote the Ryme of the Ancient Mariner and Kubla Khan.

Ottregians [the name given to long standing residents of Ottery] are well known for their love of a good firework display. It's a British tradition to remember Guy Fawkes on Bonfire Night each year. This new article gives you the background on Guy Fawkes and the events that became known as the Gundpowder Plot.

The British coastline has been the hunting ground for smugglers for centuries. Jack Rattenbury was a Devon man who became famous for his diary recording his smuggling exploits.

Wildlife and Animals

A walk along the banks of the River Otter will very often give you a glimpse of a kingfisher. These beautiful birds are a highlight of the riversides of East Devon. A winter cruise on the Exe Estuary allows you to enjoy the spectacle of hundreds of avocets feeding in the mud at the edge of the tide.

It's not just wild creatures that are famous. There's also the Devon Rex cat.

Guest Writers

Do you fancy a Mouse Tour? Mark and Judy have been taking them for many years. Read about one of their trips to England and their adventures in Devon in this entry from their Mouse Tour journal

Join our guest writer Valerie on a trip down Memory Lane as she reminisces about a childhood holiday in Devon

Are there wild beasts in Devon? Guest writer Larry Chamberlain doesn't think so but you may feel differently.

Cream Teas and Recipes

The traditional Devon cream tea is a highlight of any visit to East Devon. Here are the instructions to have go at making your own.

Audrey and Elizabeth both had a go and you can read about theirs too.

Cider and cider vinegar are other local products and can be used very successfully in these tasty recipes.

For 'afters' you will enjoy this Lemon Edge pudding, which although it takes a little while to make is absolutely delicious.

Things to See

The Sidmouth Folk Week is held each year during the first week of August.

How to choose a Bed & Breakfast

One of the difficulties of visiting a place you've never been to is finding suitable accommodation. There is an overwhelming choice available. This information will help you to find the best way to choose one.

When you've finished reading these articles, have a look at articles on some of the amazing places to visit and comfortable places to stay in East Devon or go back from the articles page to the home page.

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