by F Hooper

I grew up in the south Devon town of Teignmouth, i was about 10 years old and i would regularly go for walks with my cousin Lee, My nan and dog called Shandy.

We used to hike quite a few miles each walk and would regularly end up on the Haldon hills. Me and my cousin would ofton run half way up a hill, call to my Nan to release the dog and then try to outrun the dog for the last part of the hill, it was a lot of fun.

On this day, it was the same, but we were close to the top of the hill and reached it before the dog. We both turned around and on the opposite hill(200m away), a huge black cat sprinted across the crest. Now, we both paused and looked at one another(we both knew what it was) and sprinted straight down the hill towards my Nan and the dog sprinting up the hill. I could tell it was a cat my the size of its head, size, the shape of its tail and how it moved. It was terrifying and to this day, even though i am 35 now and my cousin is 37, we both still agree on what we saw.

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